Search Engine Optimisation Strategy – Have One and Succeed!

A comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy is becoming more and more important as the web starts to grow up. Without a precise, well researched and executed search engine optimisation strategy your chances of ranking in the search engines for any real length of time are low.

It is, of course possible to achieve high rankings in the search engines by accident or even by trial and error. However with competition for the number one spot in the search engines becoming more and more intense, the only real way of achieving continuous rankings for keywords is researching and executing a precise search engine optimisation strategy. If you do this or hire a company to do this for you then I can guarantee that you are giving yourself a far higher chance of success.

So what is a comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy? I suggest that it is broken down into 3 separate segments.

1. Keyword Research – This is the most important aspect of any search engine optimisations strategy. Before launching a website it is absolutely necessary to conduct thorough and sensible keyword research. If you attempt to target keyword “blind” then you are setting yourself up for failure. First of all it might be that the keywords are just too difficult to rank for and secondly it might be that the keywords have absolutely no demand at all. Proper keyword research will help you find keywords that have low competition and a good stable monthly search demand.

2. Onpage Optimisation – Onpage optimisation is extremely important. For example you need to make sure that your title tags are written correctly, i.e. Unique and accurate. That you make proper use of the H1 and H2 headers. Also you need to make sure that the robots can crawl your site without stopping or delaying. There are many other things but a well optimised site is absolutely necessary.

3. Offpage Optimisation – An equally important part of a precise search engine optimisation strategy is to have a well structured link building plan. There are many ways to attract links, providing quality content is always going to be the best way. However you can also get links yourself by submitting your website to directories. Any proper SEO firm should always provide a client with detailed link building plan.

That summaries a precise and thorough search engine optimisation strategy and if you have a website or are planning to launch one then a strongly recommend that you or an seo firm embrace it.

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